Porsche Parade Tours

Porsche Parade travels to a different location each year, giving PCA members an opportunity to explore the best that North America has to offer. Parade Tours organizes events for attendees, regardless of age, driving ability or car (rental cars are welcome for those who travel to Parade via airplane). We hope you will join us on a tour and discover everything Florida has to offer!

Parade Tours are offered on multiple days and at multiple times, giving you plenty of opportunities to participate in other Parade activities. We offer guided tours and self-guided tours. Guided tours consist of 12-15 cars per group, with a pre-assigned leader, and a “sweeper” car at the back to help keep the group together. The self-guided tours offer alternatives for those with schedules conflicts, or for those who wish to do something on their own.

Sometimes, it is the journey. In the heavily-populated area of South Florida, it will be about the destination, not the way we get there. With that in mind, we are planning some fabulous destinations for Parade attendees to take advantage of. We hope you will join us!

Car Collections: We are excited to announce that we have two outstanding car collections available to tour. The first is the famous Collier Car Collection at the Revs Institute in Naples, Florida. The institute has generously agreed to open their facility for Parade attendees on three separate days during Parade week. The second is a private car collection, not open to the public except by special arrangement.

Dinner Cruises: If you are going to travel to Florida, enjoying the state’s beautiful waterways and lush green landscapes is a must. We will be offering a dinner cruises on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Glass-Bottom Boat: This unique tour on a glass-bottom boat will give Parade attendees a look at the coral reefs ocean life around Key Largo and Coral Reef State Park. This two and a half hour cruise includes lunch delivered to the dock prior to launch. After the cruise, if you so choose, drive further south on historic Highway 1 and explore Key West on your own.

Everglades: Parade attendees will have the opportunity to take a two-hour tour into the Everglades. Attendees will see the alligators and other Florida wildlife, all from the safe distance of the Shark Valley Tours’ trolley. This area is also home to the Miccosukee Indians. Lunch at the Miccosukee Restaurant will be part of the tour. You may also visit the Miccosukee Village as a separate activity.

Kennedy Space Center: This historical landmark is about three hours north of Boca Raton. Attendees will have a chance to see the Saturn V rocket, learn about the race to the moon during the Apollo era, and see the Atlantis Space Shuttle. This is will be an unforgettable tour!

General Tour Information: Parade attendees must register for all Tours during Phase II Event Registration. Attendees will not be able to register for Parade Tours on-site. Due to the number of cars participating, staging for all Parade Tours will take place offsite. Tours are designed for everyone to travel as a group. Each participant is asked to do their part to keep the tour group together. Parade Tours follow the PCA Minimum Standards for Driving Tours. When choosing a Parade Tour, please keep in mind that it will be hot and humid! Please plan accordingly.