Porsche Parade Tours

As each Porsche Parade visits a different area of North America, the Parade Tours offer attendees the opportunity to focus in on what each location has to offer. We have tours for attendees, regardless of age, driving ability or car (rental cars are welcome on tours as well). We hope you will register for one or more driving tours and discover everything Florida has to offer!

Parade Tours are offered on multiple days and times, giving you opportunities to participate in other Parade activities. We offer guided and self-guided tours. Guided tours consist of multiple groups of 12-15 cars per group. Each group has a pre-assigned leader, and a “sweeper” car at the back, keeping the group together. The self-guided tours offer alternatives for those with schedule conflicts, or for those who wish to do something on their own.

Sometimes it is the journey. In the heavily-populated area of South Florida, it will be about the destination, not the route. We have fabulous destinations planned and hope you will join us!

Tour Schedule in pdf

Tour Descriptions in pdf


Dinner Cruise on the Jungle Queen Riverboat

Dates: Monday, July 22nd and Thursday, July 25th

Tour Meet Time: 3:45 pm

Method of Travel: Bus from the Resort to the Jungle Queen dock

Description: The Jungle Queen Riverboat features the longest continuously running variety show in the United States, operating since 1935. It is a fully narrated cruise down the “Venice of America,” Fort Lauderdale’s New River. The river will take you past Millionaire’s Row, with spectacular home, mega-yachts, and sights beyond belief. The riverboat will dock at a 4.5 acre tropical isle, where guests will enjoy a dinner buffet featuring baby back ribs, chicken, peel & eat shrimp, and more. Vegetarian and children’s menu options are available. Live entertainment during dinner and a laugh-out-loud variety show after dinner will make this an evening to remember. There will also be time to explore the tropical isle with lush foliage, exotic animals and a gift shop featuring soft-serve ice cream.

Notes: This is a full-evening event. You will not return to the resort until late.

Collier Collection at the Revs Institute

Dates: Monday, July 22nd afternoon only; Wednesday, July 24th; Friday, July 26th morning and afternoon tours.

Tour Meet Time: Morning tours meet at 7:00 am; Afternoon tours meet at 11:00 am.

Method of Travel: Car. Tours depart from the Boca Raton High School.

Description: The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida is the premier destination for automotive research and historical study. The institute features the Collier Collection, consisting of over 100 significant automobiles built between 1896 and 1995. The display features many of the rarest and most important cars ever built. These cars blazed technical pathways, redefined aesthetic standards, made history, and changed the world. The Revs Institute has graciously agreed to host private tours for Parade attendees, led by knowledgeable docents.

The morning tour will include a lunch at Spanky’s Speakeasy Restaurant. A prix fixe menu includes your choice of baby back ribs with coleslaw and beans; grilled chicken Caesar salad; grouper fish and chips with coleslaw; or soup and salad bar. A children’s option will also be available.

The afternoon tour does not include a meal, so attendees are free to return at their leisure Notes: The drive time is approximately two-hours each way. If you register for a morning tour, and an evening banquet or activity, you may be pressed for time. We recommend you depart immediately after lunch. The same caution applies to the afternoon tours on Wednesday and Friday afternoon: You may not get back in time for evening banquets or activities.

Larry Wilson Private Collection

Dates: Tuesday, July 23rd and Thursday, July 25th

Tour Meet Time: 8:00 am

Method of Travel: Car. Tour departs from the Boca Raton High School.

Tour Description: This private collection is available by invitation only. Parade attendees will have the rare opportunity to view this impressive collection. Comprising 18,000 square feet, the collection features Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Afla Romeo, Volkswagen, and more. The cars in the collection are driven and raced, even today, demonstrating the owner’s passion for these automobiles. The facility has three main rooms: the Race Room, the American Room, and the Collection Room, as well as a library and full fabrication shop.

The tour will last approximately two hours and conclude with a catered lunch. Attendees will dine with the cars on chicken, brisket, mixed green salad, seasonal fruit, mac and cheese, and baked beans. Dessert will include cookies and brownies. Unsweetened tea, lemonade, and water will be available.

Airboat Tour of Everglades Holiday Park

Dates Offered: Tuesday, July 23rd – Friday, July 26th

Tour Meet Time: 7:30 AM

Method of Travel: Car. Tour departs from the Boca Raton High School.

Tour Description: Any trip to south Florida should include an airboat ride through the Everglades! With top speeds of 60 mph, airboats zip across the River of Grass, giving you and your family an experience you will never forget. The trip will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Florida’s wildlife and vegetation. The narrated airboat tour is approximately 60 minutes. Following the airboat ride, attendees will enjoy a live performance by the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue Team. Then, get to know the alligators as you pose for photos with them. Two professional-quality photos of your family with alligators are included!

We will then depart Everglades Holiday Park and drive approximately five miles to Bonefish Grill for lunch. You will have your choice of Bonefish House Salad with chicken or shrimp; Maryland-style crab cakes with steamed broccoli; grilled salmon with lemon butter and broccoli; or Wagyu beef burger with fries. A children’s meal option will also be available. All meals include iced tea or soda.

John Pennekamp Glass Bottom Boat Tour of Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo

Dates: Tuesday, July 23rd – Friday, July 26th

Tour Meet Time: 8:30 am

Method of Travel: Bus from the Boca Raton Resort to the Coral Reef State Park.

Description: Another must-do experience in south Florida is viewing the coral reefs and marine life of the Florida Keys. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, established in 1963, is the first undersea park in the United States. To experience the coral reefs and marine life close up, we have chartered a 65-foot glass bottom (air-conditioned!) catamaran will give you a colorful view of the ocean, without having to go diving. Watch fish, turtles, and other sea life swim in their natural habitat. The boat ride is approximately two and a half hours long. Box lunches will be provided at the loading dock, prior to boarding. Refreshments will be also be available for purchase during the cruise.

Off-Road SUV Tour in the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area

Dates: Tuesday, July 23rd and Thursday, July 25th

Tour Meet Time: 8:00 am

Method of Travel: SUV only. Cars not permitted (sorry). Tour departs the Boca Raton High School.

Description: This all-SUV tour will travel unpaved, flat, dirt/gravel roads through the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area. This wildlife area encompasses over 60,000 acres of protected land and consists of numerous hiking and off-road trails. We will make stops along the route for an up-close view of the animals living there. After the drive, we will stop for lunch at Carmines Restaurant before heading back to the resort. Prepare to blaze a trail during this Porsche Parade first, an off-road tour!


Self-guided tours offer alternatives for those who chose not to participate in the organized guided tours. Self-guided tours offer the flexibility to go on the day and time of your choosing, and at your own pace. Some of these destinations are a fairly short drive from the Boca Raton Resort while others are quite distant. Make sure you understand the time it will take to take each of these drives. In addition to the driving time, the time needed to see a good portion of what is offered can easily take several hours so plan ahead. Lastly, Florida has more toll roads than any state in the US! Google Map links are provided for each self-drive and where possible, there is a toll road route and a non-toll road route. If you intend to strike off on your own for any drive during Parade, it is highly advisable to purchase a SunPass in advance of Parade. There are different options on types of passes. Sunpass information - click here

The Kennedy Space Center - Merritt Island


One of the top attractions in the United States, if not the world. It should be on every family’s “bucket list” if you are anywhere close to it while in Florida. This would have been on our tour list if it was just a little closer to Boca Raton. Since its 190 miles away by car, we decided it was too far to take large groups since there wasn’t enough time to adequately explore what is available. If you decide to take this self drive, you need to get up really early and be on the road. There is so much to see and experience that you have to spend the entire day at the complex. Another option would be to see it on the way down to Parade or on the way home if you are coming from the north. Click on the link below to get started. Advanced tickets are advised.


https://goo.gl/maps/rxkQBfCeYMrUVrwVA Directions to Kennedy Space Center

Disney World / Universal Studios - Orlando

Another must see attraction in Florida, of course, is Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. Trouble is, you have to pick one of the other if you only have one day to spend. This is another “bucket list” destination if you have never been before and are travelling with your kids and it involves some advanced planning! However, if you want to take a long day away from Parade, you couldn’t pick a better place than this!

Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World is a theme park in Florida where storybook fantasy comes to life. Here elephants fly, teacups dance and every day ends happily ever after. Guests find classic Disney tales and characters coming to life around every corner in a perfect wonderland for kids of all ages. Favorite attractions include Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and classic Disney attractions like the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Animal Kingdom
This park takes guests on a magical journey through a world of animals both real and fantastic, where the lion is mighty, but imagination is king. Popular shows and attractions include Kilimanjaro Safaris, a wild ride through an African savanna; Kali River Rapids, a challenging whitewater thrill ride; and the high-energy "Festival of the Lion King" show.

Epcot unites the wonder of imagination with the wonders of the world. There are two amazing worlds. In one, high tech meets big fun; in the other, you'll travel through 11 great nations in a celebration of one-of-a-kind performances and outstanding cuisine. Here, guests buckle-up for a ride on Test Track, or enjoy Captain EO, the classic 3-D film musical starring Michael Jackson and a cast of intergalactic characters. At night, the spectacular IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth fills the night in a grand finale of lasers and incredible fireworks.

Universal Studios is all about the movies and movie characters that come to life in various forms. Like Disney World, this theme park requires advanced planning and research to get the best deals. Everything here is state of the art. If you’ve already been to Disneyland or Disney World, then make Universal Studios your next big adventure. You’ll need to get up early and on the road if you plan to visit during Parade week, so plan now and don’t wait until you get to Parade!



https://goo.gl/maps/nU97zDXUPLmkjVQeA Directions to Disney World

https://goo.gl/maps/YTkdrWqNbKiB4RWq8 Directions to Universal Studios

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens - Boca Raton

Now, here’s something close to “home” while you’re at Parade! Just a short drive from the Boca Raton Resort, you can visit the museum and these gardens to “get away from it all” for part of the day.


Bringing the spirit of Japan to southern Florida, Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens houses centuries of tradition and history. The museum boasts a rich permanent collection of artwork and masterfully crafted objects that provide insight into Japanese culture and everyday life. The collection focuses on the Meiji period, which extended from the mid-19th to the early 20th century, and brought major changes to Japanese society. You can also catch one of the rotating exhibits and learn about different aspects of Japanese culture, from ancient to modern. Enjoy the beautifully landscaped gardens and learn why these peaceful refuges play such an important role in Japan as places for contemplation, relaxation, and romance. If you’re visiting in the summer, make sure to protect yourself from the sun as you stroll through the large campus. Make Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens a part of your Parade plans.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFue9UmHcpo https://goo.gl/maps/CZPA9ggdJXRhUrnWA Directions to Morikami Museum and Gardens

Lion Country Safari - Loxahatchee, FL

When Lion Country Safari opened in 1967, it was the first drive-through safari park in the country and introduced a new concept to animal lovers, “The Cageless Zoo.” The opening generated enormous interest on the part of residents, visitors to South Florida, and the media. The park developed into a popular and successful attraction

Photos courtesy of Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari was originally developed by a group of South African and British entrepreneurs who wanted to bring the experience of an African game park, then and now an expensive and time-consuming trip, to families who would otherwise not be able to experience an African safari. South Florida and Western Palm Beach County proved to be an ideal location for the park due to its year-round outdoor climate, plentiful land, a growing population and tourists who visit from all over the world.

Today, Lion Country Safari is home to over 900 animals in the drive-through preserve and in the Safari World exhibit area. Among the more notable species on display at the park are lions, white rhino, chimpanzees, zebra, and giraffe.

Safari World, the walk-through area of the park, has been developed and improved since the park opened. The restaurant and gift shops were among the earlier additions. The giraffe feeding; water sprayground; petting zoo; merry-go-round; boat rides; aviaries; bird, reptile, alligator, and squirrel monkey exhibits added over the years, have greatly enhanced the visitors’ experience at the park. The KOA Campground was opened in the 1980’s to provide overnight accommodation for visitors. Lion Country Safari has a four-mile drive-through preserve, over 200 campsites, 6 stores, 3 food outlets, a sewer plant, a veterinary hospital, an animal demonstration theater, gas station, and 170 employees who work to care for animals, and who maintain and operate the facility. It also offers a number of educational programs for school, scout, and tour groups, as well as a summer day camp.

In its 50th year of operation, Lion Country Safari-Florida is one of South Florida’s leading attractions and Palm Beach County’s largest tourist attraction. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Lion Country Safari every year to experience the thrill of eye-ball-to-eye-ball viewing of magnificent animals in a natural open environment.


https://goo.gl/maps/iAtbSvCoMSvDhzpPA Directions to Lion Country Safari (toll roads)

https://goo.gl/maps/fyZVufcqeJiYSxLP9 Directions to Lion Country Safari (no tolls)

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens - Miami

The Vizcaya Villa is the former home of agricultural industrialist James Deering; the estate was built in the early 20th century and includes extensive gardens designed in the Italian Renaissance style, untouched woodlands and the historic mansion. Today the villa and gardens are open to the public as a museum.

The estate was inspired by Renaissance Tuscan architecture and designed by Paul Chalfin in the Mediterranean Revival style. Most of the villa was completed by 1922 but construction continued of the gardens and other estate sites like the village service compound and lagoon gardens. The gardens combine local flora with the European style of landscaping. From 1916 until Deering’s death in 1925 it was the family winter residence. During his lifetime he furnished the villa with antiques, art items and architectural elements of a high standard. The estate originally covered 730,000m², but after Deering’s death his descendents slowly sold off parcels of land until only the main house, formal gardens and service village remained. The county bought the house and gardens in 1952 and were gifted the house antiques and furnishings. The Vizcaya Villa became an art museum in 1953 and in 1994 became a National Historic Landmark.

Today the site covers 50 acres where there is the villa, Italian Renaissance formal gardens, the historic village and areas of native jungle forest. The villa courtyard faces onto Biscayne Bay like a Venetian villa. The 70 room villa holds antiques and artifacts from the 15th to early 19th century with an emphasis on European decorative arts and furniture.

A 90 minute self-guided audio tour is available in 5 languages and there is a free family guide with kid-friendly attractions and maps.


https://goo.gl/maps/NnzaLt5jYWnJWzcm9 Directions to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (tolls)

The Breakers Hotel - Palm Beach

In the late 1890s, just before the turn of the century, industry tycoons and elegant socialites began flocking to the pristine shores of a new destination—a long strip of an island called Palm Beach.

It was founder Henry M. Flagler (see below), one of America’s great industrialists, who started the trend of grand, gorgeous properties on the island. His first was The Royal Poinciana, a six-story Georgian beauty. Two years later, Flagler debuted his premier oceanfront hotel, which delighted guests with its proximity to the water and unique location—right at “the breakers,” where the waves crashed and sprayed.

After fires in both 1903 and 1925, the hotel reemerged more opulent each time. The Breakers reopened in 1926, ushering in a higher degree of European influence and architectural flair. Flagler’s newest iteration was modeled after the magnificent Villa Medici in Rome—an ambitious effort that called for 75 artisans brought in from Italy. Together they completed the intricate paintings, detailed across the ceilings of the 200-foot-long main lobby and first-floor public rooms, which remain on display today. It was a grand gesture that placed The Breakers in a class all its own.

Today, the story of The Breakers continues, holding fast to the ideals that put it on the map—unapologetic luxury, seaside glamour and world-class service—but also embracing the new.


Flagler Museum - Palm Beach

Following an amazing career as a founding partner and "the brains" behind Standard Oil, which was the largest and most profitable corporation in the world for more than a century, Henry Flagler invested himself in the development of Florida. During the next quarter century, he literally invented modern Florida. The transportation infrastructure and the tourism and agricultural industries he established remain, even today, the very foundation of Florida's economy, while the building of the Over-Sea Railroad remains the most ambitious engineering feat ever undertaken by a private citizen. When Henry Flagler began his work in Florida, it was perhaps the poorest state in the Union. Today, thanks in large part to Henry Flagler, Florida is the third largest state in the Union with an economy larger than 90% of the world's nations. Indeed, no individual has had a greater or more lasting impact on a state than Henry Flagler has had in Florida.

Flagler built a 75-room, 100,000-square-foot Gilded Age mansion, Whitehall, as a wedding present for his wife. The couple used the home as a winter retreat from 1902 until Flagler's death in 1913, establishing the Palm Beach season for the wealthy of the Gilded Age. In March 30, 1902, a story in the New York Herald described Whitehall, the Palm Beach home of Henry Flagler as, "More wonderful than any palace in Europe, grander and more magnificent than any other private dwelling in the world...". Today, this former winter residence is the Flagler Museum.


https://goo.gl/maps/DEcaVMubBH6sY63k8 Directions to Flagler Museum

A note: The Breakers Hotel, Flagler Museum and Worth Avenue Shopping are all essentially next door to each other in Palm Beach! This may take two trips! The good news is that they are not far from Boca Raton.

Worth Avenue Shopping

Considered one of the most iconic streets in America, Worth Avenue has been a haven for upscale shopping and well-known brands. Known as the epitome of shopping excellence, Worth Avenue has left an indelible mark on Palm Beach. Dating back to the 1900’s, it has been a haven for high-end shopping and a fascinating destination. The legendary avenue boasts a mix of more than 200 shops, offering everything from world-class designer jewelry, clothing and shoes to internationally acclaimed paintings and antiques, as well as fine casual dining. Founded in the 1920’s, the area was well-known along the Eastern seaboard for its high quality, exclusive merchandise. Saks Fifth Avenue opened its first store outside New York on Worth Avenue in 1926.

The clock tower marks the entrance to Worth Avenue

Over the decades, the avenue grew to three blocks, spanning from the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway to the Atlantic Ocean. Over time, more and more well-known designers opened their doors along this strip of coveted real estate, including Cartier, Chanel, Gucci and Hermes. Most people do not know that Worth Avenue was actually established long before California’s Rodeo Drive!


Sawgrass Mills Shopping - Sunrise, FL

On the flip side of a shopping area like Worth Avenue, there is Sawgrass Mills, the largest outlet and value retail shopping destination in the United States. With more than 350 stores, including outlet locations from Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Gap, plus value retailers OFF 5th Saks Fifth Avenue, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Marshalls and electronics superstore, BrandsMart USA, Sawgrass Mills has everything from fashion and jewelry to electronics, sporting equipment, beauty products, home accessories, toys and more. There is something for everyone in this enclosed, air conditioned and climate controlled mall located just 30 minutes from Miami International Airport and 15 minutes from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Fashionistas will delight in luxury-brand outlet shopping at The Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass Mills with over 70 exclusive outlets not found anywhere else in South Florida including Burberry, Diane von Furstenberg, GUCCI, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo Company Store, Tory Burch and Versace.


https://goo.gl/maps/v51GgoZL9mot1Tmc7 Directions to Sawgrass Mills (using toll roads)

https://goo.gl/maps/MwiNPtpGESL3SixF8 Directions to Sawgrass Mils (without toll roads)

MacArthur Beach State Park - North Palm Beach

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park was established in 1989, the only state park in Palm Beach County.

The purpose was and is still today, to protect a very rare and spectacularly beautiful piece of Florida’s southeast coast. John D. MacArthur realized this after a university study in the 1970’s revealed the biological treasures in this area.

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Lake Worth Lagoon, the Park is 438 acres of natural environments, including seven species of plants and twenty-two species of animals designated as endangered or threatened.

The earliest evidence of human occupation comes from “kitchen middens” left by the Jeaga Indians centuries ago. Fragments of bones, shells and pottery were discarded in refuse piles or middens. Much of the Park is the same as when the Jeaga Indians lived here centuries ago.

Exploring almost two miles of pristine beach and swimming, snorkeling and fishing in the clear blue waters of the Atlantic are only the beginning of the fun you can have at the Park.

Other amenities include the Welcome Center, Beach Outfitters Gift Shop, Kayak Rentals, a children’s playground, nature trails, and picnicking facilities

Watch Park Video


https://goo.gl/maps/yAkmFEUYvvegBJ62A Directions to MacArthur Beach State Park

South to the Florida Keys, Key Largo to Key West, FL

A drive all the way to Key West is probably “a bridge too far” for all but the most adventurous where long days and long drives are not an issue. However, if Parade will be your only trip to southern Florida, then this may just be on your ‘”bucket list” of things to do. It’s a 4-plus hour drive each way, so leaving the Parade Resort at or before sunrise is probably in order. However, you can still visit the Florida Keys without going all the way to Key West. Key Largo, Islamorada and Marathon are also good destinations along the way down the keys. Go down as far as your time allows, turn around, and come back!

Home to tropical hardwoods, winding creeks, two state parks, a national park and a portion of a national marine sanctuary, Key Largo boasts some of the most fascinating botanical scenery in the state. Visitors can enjoy Key Largo’s ties to the sea including scuba diving, snorkeling, an underwater hotel, sport fishing, eco-tours, beaches and dolphin encounter programs. The island also offers numerous on-shore attractions including nature trails and a rehabilitation center for wild birds.

Explore Key Largo’s John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park and all the underwater delights of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Several eco-tourism and dive-snorkel services are ready to help you discover Key Largo’s natural wonders.

If you have never been to Key West before, you are in for a real treat. There are Key West attractions for everyone. Some of our most popular Key West tourist activities on the water include dolphin encounters, kayaking the backcountry, diving and snorkeling at Ft. Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas, or renting a boat at a Key West marina to explore on your own. On land, shopping, museums, art galleries, tours, theaters and more await you. Or you can simply relax in the sand at one of our Key West beaches, by the pool at your Key West hotel, or on Duval Street with a cocktail in hand.



https://goo.gl/maps/Pmku6dP8x17H7ui8A Directions to Key Largo

https://goo.gl/maps/vfA8zPFAHqzWh1DY6 Directions to Key West

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

This is the same location as the Glass Bottom Boat tours during the week. Due to low registrations, we had to cancel the Wednesday and Thursday tours. However, if you want to still experience the glass bottom boat tour of the sea life and coral reefs around Key Largo, this is one route to take that does not have any tolls. If you have a SunPass, it may be faster to take the Florida and Ronald Reagan Turnpikes to Hwy 1. Traffic on Wednesday and Thursday will be heavy due to a local mini-lobster fest. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, established in 1963, is the first undersea park in the United States. To experience the coral reefs and marine life close up, John Pennekamp offers a 65-foot glass bottom (air-conditioned!) catamaran which will give you a colorful view of the ocean, without having to go diving. Watch fish, turtles, and other sea life swim in their natural habitat. The boat ride is approximately two and a half hours long. Refreshments are available for purchase during the cruise. The cruises are offered multiple times during the day: 9:15, 12:15, 3:15; $24 adult, $17 ages 4-11, 3 and under Free




Parade attendees must register for all Tours during Phase II Event Registration. Attendees will not be able to register for tours at Parade check-in. Guided tours are designed for everyone to travel as a group. Each participant is asked to do their part to keep the tour group together. Parade Tours follow the PCA Minimum Standards for Driving Tours. For safety, we recommend all tour participants have a working cellular phone and a GPS device is helpful as well. Two-way radios (walkie-talkies) are permitted if they can be tuned to both a radio channel and a security sub-channel (e.g. channel 7 and security channel 12). The passenger/navigator should be the operator of any such radios, so that the driver stays focused on the road. Please drive safely and courteously on all tours.

Drivers will likely encounter one of the many toll roads in Florida. We recommend having change and small bills on hand for all driving tours.

Drivers should also be aware of the high volume of traffic in the Boca Raton area. Please allow plenty of time for travel to the Boca Raton High School.

Also, please consider volunteering to help with tours. We need both leader and sweeper cars on all routes, as well as help in the staging areas. Driving Tour volunteers must be registered for Parade. A driving tour volunteers meeting will be held on Sunday, July 21st at the Boca Raton Resort following Parade Check-In. An email will be sent to volunteers with more details. When choosing a Parade Tour, please keep in mind that it will be hot and humid! We recommend packing sunscreen, hats and bug spray for any outdoor tour. Air-cooled Porsches should take precautions. Plan accordingly.

All tours and times are subject to change. Please check the Parade website for the latest information.